GLHC Members:  Attached is the Registration Packet of forms for the 2022-2023 Greater Latrobe Hockey Season.  The information can be typed in on most forms then printed, but please note that signatures of the player & parent will be required where indicated, so after you print all of the forms, go through them to sign and read over carefully so you are well informed with all information concerning our hockey club. Bring the completed paperwork with a non-refundable registration fee written out to GLHC in the amount of $75 to the Registration Meeting on Wednesday, May 18th. We will be on hand to accept your paperwork starting at 7:00 PM at Palmer Imaging Arena, Delmont PA (I will go over club details at 7:45PM).  If you are unable to attend, simply mail the forms/registration payment to GLHC, PO BOX 8, LATROBE PA 15650. (Email me to let me know)

 Physical forms DO NOT get turned in to us. They are included in the attached packet, but it is your responsibility to get these to the school PRIOR to the scheduled school physical date which is Thursday, June 9th (Time has not been determined and will need confirmed with the Athletic Office but it's been between 8 AM – 9 AM in the Senior High School Nurse's Office in the past. If your player received a physical under another sport, please follow up with the Athletic Office and be sure the physical was cross-referenced to ice hockey and that your player is listed under ice hockey as "cleared." Any Physical turned in dated prior to the last day of school will not be accepted, so please be aware of this rule when scheduling your player’s physical if you are planning to use your private physician. ALL PHYSICALS for the 2022-2023 season must be dated AFTER the last day of this school year to be valid for 2022-2023.  There will be no exceptions to this. Without approved physicals cleared by the school, your player is not eligible for our program.

"Practice only" or "rotational" spots within our club on a team are possible.  Be sure if you are offered and accept one of these types of positions in our club, that you are in agreement with what it offers or simply do not accept and return next year to try out again. Please be advised that tryouts are competitive and that "player cuts" can occur.

Mid Am  Rule II(E)(2)(e) affects MS players having a 2010 birth year.  No more than 25% of any team roster may be composed of players "playing up". This rule limits the number of U-12 Major players, birth year 2010 to 25% of the actual roster of each middle school team.  As an example, if the team has a roster of 16 players they can have 4 U-12 Major players.  If you have 18 players you would round up to 5 U-12 major players.  That being said, our club will take 7th grader 2010 birth year players over any 2010 6th grader, as 6th graders are not in the junior high (middle school level).  What this means - if you have a 6th grade 2010 birth year player, you can register and try out; however it's important that you know going in to it that your player does not have the best odds at making the team. The greater the number of players we roster on the MS team, the more "Move Up Players" we can take. (MS is considered Bantam and your 2010 players are Pee Wee level). Some 6th graders could possibly fall in to this and make the team; however, players in the 7th grade (as long as they are not beginners and have essential skills) will have preference of making the team despite skill for those minimum spots as they are in the Junior High whereas a 6th grader is not. Does this mean a 7th grade 2010 player can be cut? Yes, it absolutely does mean a 2010 player in the Junior High can be cut as it's a numbers game and we must comply with the rule. We won't know our numbers until registration, so it is essential that if your player plans to try out, you register by May 18th so we have a good count and can tell you what to expect.  If your player is cut due to numbers, we will refund your registration fee so there is no harm in trying out. If you are offered a spot and decline it, we will not refund your fee, so keep this in mind. I will go over this, and we are trying to be as fair as possible.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly to go over or call me to discuss. 

We follow the PIHL structure and guidelines regarding our 3 teams.  The Varsity level is competitive and always plays to win in all situations. Ice time at Varsity is decided by the coach. It is not equal nor is even a single shift guaranteed.  Ice time is earned and players can, at any time, discuss their individual ice time with the Head Coach regarding why they are not getting the desired amount or how they can earn more playing time. We tell you this right up front so you are aware of what to expect at the Varsity level.  I will explain this in detail at registration as will the Head Varsity Coach. Junior Varsity is also competitive; however, it is based more along the lines of developing the players so ice time is not as limited as it is at Varsity. At the Middle School level all players get opportunities and you are more likely to see players participating in the game not exclusively to win, but to develop players through the process and under the coach's guidance. This is not what to expect in the post season tournament. Post season is competitive and is "play to win," at all levels. Ice time is at the coach's discretion. If we have rotational players, they do not participate post season in practices or games.  If JV or MS participates in any tournament, those games can also likely be competitive and play to win situations, unlike the regular game season play.

We do not give out any phone numbers or email contacts within our hockey club of coaches or that of other families. You will not receive direct messages from a coach at any time.  All information issued will come directly from your player's team manager or the club president.  Parents must contact the team manager to relay any message to the coach. If a parent needs to speak to the coach, the team manager is contacted and a meeting is set up.


Details regarding player dress code, the social media policy, the locker room policy, etc. are all listed in your packet. The Greater Latrobe Student Athlete Handbook can be found on the school's website and you are to view and be familiar with it prior to signing the form that needs turned in at registration. Please be informed and ask should you have any questions.


Concussion Baseline Testing is required for your player to be in our program. The date we are offering the testing at the Greater Latrobe Senior High Computer Lab is Monday, June 20th. There will be a 10 AM session and a 6 PM session. Email me direct noting which session you wish to sign your player up for or just let us know at registration.  Parents do not attend or come in to the testing. Players are to arrive at the athletic office school entrance at the designated time they signed up to attend and it takes about 20 minutes. The Greater Latrobe School District must sign off on your player to the PIHL league so there will be no exceptions to anyone not having the testing. Every player must have this to play. NO EXCEPTIONS!


See you at registration!  Any urgent questions, text me and say who you are please.


Leslie Rossi, GLHC President

(412) 638-3507



Wednesday, May 18th @  Palmer Imaging Arena, Delmont PA starting at 7:00 PM


Bring the following:


1) Registration Fee of $75 (check written out to GLHC)

2) Completed Registration Form                

3) USA Hockey Registration Confirmation Page  2022-23                   

3) Player Code of Conduct                                                                    

4) Consent to Treat/Medical History Form                                                  

5) GLSD Student Handbook Form

6) Player Photo Release Form                                               

7) New Players to the Organization Must Provide Copy of Birth Certificate



Forms will be posted on the website at  This site will be updated regularly throughout the season, so please use the club's website for reference and to view the monthly practice/game schedules.


The Tryout schedule is in the attached files. All registered players entering 9th thru 12th grade are to attend Varsity tryouts. Players may be released from the tryouts at any time at the Varsity Head Coach's discretion. Registration does not guarantee team placement.  Players may be offered rotational or practice player positions. Please be advised player cuts can occur. Tryouts are competitive and the Head Coach makes the final selections for his team. If you are not happy with your team placement, you do not have to accept the position offered to you and are given that option and a week to decide once the teams have been announced.


Information is included in this packet so you have the next few months to find golfers if you choose to participate in this fundraising event to help directly benefit your player dues.  If you have questions or wish to help out with the event and be placed on the golf outing committee, contact Matt Pellis (724) 244-4268.


Forms are attached so you can start gathering ads from businesses to assist you with your dues.  Deadline for Ads will be October 31st. Contact Missy Hannah (724) 388-4744 if you need additional information not listed in the Ad Book Details.


15 Lottery Calendars will be given out to you at picture day so you have time to sell the mandatory 8 that are required. If you don't plan to sell the extra 7, simply turn them back in. Exact details of player dues credits will be listed in a letter you will receive with your calendars. Unsold Calendars and all sold stubs must be turned back in to Mike Gmuer (724) 454-0601 by Mid-December.


The club will do some mandatory fundraisers this season to directly benefit the club as needed. You are required to participate in these. There will likely be two (2) ticket sales with all proceeds to benefit the hockey club.  For each ticket sale, every player will get approximately ten tickets to be sold at $5 each.  The board has the right to add additional fundraisers if there is an immediate need that should arise.


Jersey Orders can be turned in at registration; however, we will wait to sew the numbers/name plates on the jerseys until after team selections are complete. If your player does not make a team, we can return your payment. The set is $150 due at registration. Name plates are $25. Socks are $30 and all these items are required for players to be on a team.  Varsity players must purchase a pant shell for $45.  JV & MS can purchase them also if they are in stock but they are not required at these levels as part of the uniform.   Contact Leslie (412) 638-3507 or to place your order and to select available jersey player numbers. Payment for equipment orders are due at the time the order is placed. We will not place a second order so be sure to order at registration. Player Gloves with the Latrobe logo on them will be available for order for $125.  They are purely optional and must be paid upfront when placing the order. Heather Ruffner will have samples of the gloves and detailed information at registration. If you miss the order, there are no options to order late. It's a one time chance per year. 


Once teams are selected, you have 1 week to decide and accept or decline the offered position. Commitment Fee Checks ($150) will be cashed for all those that commit to secure the spot offered.  Varsity dues are $1,140. JV & Middle School dues are $950. Rotational player's dues (if we have any players offered this) are $500 minimum.  Practice squad player's dues (if we have any players offered this) are $400 minimum.  See specific details in the information letter.  All remaining balances after dues credits have been applied are due January 15, 2023. If you do not actively participate in the club's fundraisers to lower your dues balance thru the season and one large bill in January is going to be an issue for you, I would recommend you make monthly payments to GLHC by contacting club treasurer Mike Gmuer. His e-mail contact is It is important that you have a plan in place to handle what is owed in January. It is an unfortunate event to have to pull players from the ice in January thru playoff season, so know up front what your financial obligations for your player's participation in the club are, and plan accordingly.


The date for this at the conclusion of our playing season will be on a Sunday, most likely in April 2023, at the St. Vincent Event Center. We will firm up a date once we know.  

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Leslie B. Rossi

GLHC President



Click  Here for a link to the USA Hockey SafeSport information page.

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